Bean Bag Chairs - Kids Snorlax Beanbag Chairs

 The newly popularized phenomenon of bean bag furniture is sweeping homes everywhere, but with so many people purchasing bean bag beds, chairs and other furniture you might find it difficult to make a unique statement with your furniture. Don't worry, there's an easy solution to your problem, picking custom and unique bean bag covers is a snap. With so many choices out there, it might even become more difficult to decide once you look at all your options.


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First off, you have to decide which colors you're interested in. You might want to pick a cover that compliments your home or room's paint colors or design style. Try to pick something that will either match or compliment a dominant color in the room or throughout your house. If you're not interested in that, you may want to go the complete opposite direction and go with a wildly different color of cover. It's a great way to get a guest's attention, making your bean bag a conversation piece as well as making a statement about your interests. If you don't want to decide on a solid color, maybe think about a print or multicolor cover, like tie-die or even stripes.

From there, you can look at the many materials available for your bean bag covers. Vinyl bean bag covers are a common and durable material that is incredibly resilient to being stained, perfect for kids or anyone with a tendency towards butterfingers. Cotton is another common cover material, coming in a wide range of colors and also being a very breathable cover material.

Faux suede and faux fur are popular cover types, owing to their fame to their uniquely soft texture. If you find yourself looking for a more durable bean bag chair or couch, try a tough material like hemp or a classic style cover made of leather. A less common but not to be forgotten material is velvet, which makes a great cover for bean bag beds.




Probably the most important factor in what kind of cover you decide to get is what kind of bean bag furniture you're getting a cover for! You certainly would want to avoid a hemp bean bag bed unless you like sleeping on something scratchy. Make sure to avoid fragile or easily damaged materials for a chair or couch that's going to see use every day.

There are so many great bean bag chairs for kids and teens like the Dr. Seuss Snorlax bean bag chair or Hello Kitty style chairs.  But the truth is that bean bag chairs for adults are almost equally popular.  Beanbag chairs are cheap and you can often find them on discount so you basically have a functional pieces of furniture for pennies on the dollar and everybody loves lounging around on them.  

Styles vary from large to small to giant and there are even outdoor and memory foam chairs.  Other cool styles and materials include leather, Zebra print, Marine styles, pink colors, toddler bean bag chairs and other models both small and huge!

Leather, suede or vinyl works best for chairs due to their combination of durability and comfort while velvet, cotton and faux fur work best on comfortable bean bag beds. Don't let what's popular make the decision for you though, if you want a certain material or color for your chair or bed, then go for it. That's what picking a custom cover is all about. Once you have your new bean bag cover, all that's left is to transfer your old fill to it or pick up some new filling and get ready to kick back and relax in your comfortable and unique piece of bean bag furniture.